terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG provides services that are in accordance with the following General Terms and Conditions (GTC), service descriptions, and price lists. Any terms and conditions that differ from these will not be valid, even if Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG does not explicitly object to them. If there are any deviations from these terms and conditions, they must be explicitly accepted in writing by Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG. A contract will only be considered valid if it is confirmed by Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG.

  • Service description
    Our offers are non-binding. The binding acceptance of the contract and the scope of the services shall be made exclusively by written order confirmation on our part. Verbal agreements made by telephone shall only be deemed valid if they have been expressly confirmed by us in writing. All prices quoted by us are in euros and include statutory value added tax unless otherwise stated. Our price lists are non-binding and we accept no liability for printing errors. If guests act against instructions or endanger road safety due to the driver or according to road traffic regulations, Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG reserves the right to exclude them from carriage. In such a case, the full fare including the fixed price or kilometre price as well as all additional and special services provided by Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG will be charged.
  • Prices
    The pricing for the transportation services provided by the company is determined in accordance with relevant legal regulations and may be subject to variations based on factors such as the specific route. The company retains the right to modify prices. Any fixed rates that are not explicitly mentioned in the price list can only be established through written agreement and will be applicable solely for the agreed-upon date and time of the service. Additional durations and distances will be invoiced based on the prevailing rates specified in the current price list.
  • Payments
    Payment is made directly to the chauffeur on-site. Alternatively, you have the option to pay the total amount in advance via credit card, bank transfer, or in cash to the chauffeur. If you indicate that you would like to pay the fare with a credit or debit card to the chauffeur, this is also acceptable. However, it is important that the credit card transaction is successfully processed to ensure timely payment. In case of payment delays, Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG will charge a daily late payment fee of €5. Additionally, fees of €20 will be applied for the second and each subsequent reminder.
  • Airport transfer

    Inform Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG immediately of any changes to the agreed-upon pickup time, regardless of the reason. The customer is responsible for any damages incurred due to delayed notification. Our chauffeur will arrive at the designated meeting point at the agreed-upon pickup time and will be carrying a name sign or company logo.

    If you require an earlier or later pickup time, please indicate this during the booking process or contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Our confirmation or refusal will be sent to you in writing via email.

    The chauffeur will wait for up to 45 minutes at no additional cost. The confirmation letter will provide a phone number through which the passenger can reach the chauffeur.

    If no contact has been made with the passenger or customer after the 45-minute waiting period has elapsed, Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG reserves the right to cancel the order. In such cases, it will be assumed that Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG has provided the service, and the full fare will be refunded. The full fare is payable. Any additional waiting times requested by the customer will be charged according to our current price list.

  • Cancellation

    If you need to cancel a booking, you must send a written cancellation via email. The timeliness of your cancellation will be determined by the time it is received by Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG. If you cancel at least 48 hours before the agreed start of the journey, there will be no charge. In the case of illness, cancellation is free of charge if it is made at least 12 hours before the start of the journey.

    If you cancel later than the specified time frames, Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG will apply a cancellation fee based on a percentage of the basic fare:

    * 50% for cancellations up to 24 hours before the agreed start of the journey.
    * 80% for cancellations up to 12 hours before the agreed start of the journey.
    * 100% for cancellations up to 6 hours before the agreed start of the journey.
    Regardless of the timeliness of the cancellation, you may be charged for any expenses already incurred.

    Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG reserves the right to withdraw partially or entirely from the contract if you fail to make the required payments, if it is believed that the services are being misused due to external circumstances, or if you fail to fulfill your obligations or breach the terms of the contract.

  • Liability of Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG

    Innsbrucker Airport Transfer & Temel OG is only liable in accordance with the statutory provisions for damages that are directly related to the company. Liability for missed departure times (whether due to late arrival of customers or passengers as planned), including any resulting consequential and additional costs, is expressly rejected. In the event of missed departure times (flight, train, etc.), the full fare will be charged and will not be refunded. No liability is accepted for delays due to weather conditions, traffic disruptions, road construction, road closures for any reason such as avalanche danger, debris flow danger, etc. and unforeseen third-party events. In the event of road closures, the customer must be aware that he/she will be driven to the last open village on the outward journey and must arrive at the first open (road-free) village on the return journey.

    The company is not liable for luggage, its contents, animals, objects of any kind, electronic devices or other goods and merchandise. The company accepts no liability towards the customer or the passenger for damage caused by incorrect data transmission by the customer to Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG.

  • Liability of the customer
    The customer is obliged to inform Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG immediately of any changes in his of his name and mobile phone number as well as the necessary information about passengers,  time and place of the service provision. If the customer fails to do so promptly, he shall be liable for damages that would have been avoided if he had informed in time. The customer must ensure that he and his passengers do not misuse the service of Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG do not misuse the service, including:
    *not to interfere with or obstruct the performance of the service.
    *not to cause damage
    *not to commit criminal offences
    *to refrain from smoking in the vehicle
    *not to refuse to pay the fare.
    If the customer fails to comply with these obligations, Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG is entitled to take all necessary measures to eliminate the abuse. The customer liable for damages to Innsbruck Airport Transfer & Temel OG if he culpably breaches violates these obligations.
  • Legal validity
    Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provisions shall be replaced by a legally permissible provision that comes as close as possible to the economic sense and purpose of the invalid
    purpose. The law of the Federal Republic of Austria shall apply.